BunnyJS - Browser ES6 framework

  • Lightweight native JavaScript and ECMAScript 6 library and next generation front-end framework
  • Package of small stand-alone components without dependencies
  • Simple like jQuery, better then jQuery UI, powerful like React

No dependencies

You just need a component for your website. You want to include one script and that's all. Whenever googling for autocomplete, datepicker or whatever else after a minute you figure out that this is a jQuery or React plugin and you will need to include also a big extra library, learn it and configure.

BunnyJS components are just plain JavaScript. Each component is stand-alone and don't depend on each other.

0 learning curve

Moden front-end is overcomplicated. Every day new tools are built. For every tool you need to learn a new syntax, new language, tools to compile to plain JavaScript, understand tons of new terms, read a lot of documentation, fail sometimes integrating into your existing project.

If you know JavaScript and basic software engineering principles you already know BunnyJS and can use it in your project.


Many open-source projects fail because of the author's attitude and ignorance, bad documentation and slow or no support at all. Many projects are built with architecture hard to understand and maintain.

Long-term support provided. Whenever you have a problem, question or idea - post it on Twitter, Trello or create a new GitHub issue. You will receive an answer very soon.

BunnyJS built in mind for businesses by an entrepreneur and web application architect with 9 years of experience.